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Why Go to Southeast Asia for Artery Disorder Treatment

Arteries are blood vessels where blood flows from the heart to various parts of the body. Sometimes, these arteries become narrowed, blocked, thickened, or damaged, leading to different diseases that are also known as vascular disorders.

Many of Southeast Asia’s hospitals now offer top-quality treatment for disorders of the arteries. The region is home to many vascular specialists with decades of experience and international training. This means that they either studied or had additional training in a country with advanced medical care, such as the US and UK. They bring to the table their in-depth knowledge of the condition and innovative treatment methods that improve patient outcomes.

Aside from world-class treatment, the region also boasts a long list of globally recognised hospitals that are accredited by international organisations (such as Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation) for investing in necessary facilities and medical equipment needed to provide exceptional medical care.

Patients who opt to travel to the region for medical care also enjoy minimal to zero waiting time. As the region strives to improve its medical tourism industry, international patients are often prioritised and are attended to by doctors as soon as they arrive at the hospital. This is important as it helps patients ensure that they are able to maximise their stay and can go back to their respective countries as soon as possible.

World-class medical care in Southeast Asia is very affordable. Patients in the region save up to 75% of their medical bills when compared to going to the United Kingdom, United States, and other Western countries. They also get to combine their treatment with a holiday in tropical countries that are known for their pristine beaches, hospitable people, amazing cultures, and exceptional tourist attractions.

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