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Why Go to Southeast Asia for Celiac Disease Management

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder, which means that it occurs when the immune system malfunctions. People with this condition cannot eat gluten because when they do, their immune system attacks the small intestine making it hard for them to absorb nutrients properly. Thus, once diagnosed, patients should start a gluten-free diet immediately. Symptoms often improve in a few weeks. However, if the intestine has become damaged, it may take years for it heal.

Patients with celiac disease are at risk of other health problems, which include iron deficiency anaemia, osteoporosis, infertility, lactose intolerance, gallbladder problems, and nervous system disorders. They are also likely to develop other autoimmune disorders, such as thyroid disease and diabetes as well as face a higher risk of cancer.

Southeast Asia is a good place to go to find doctors who specialise in the management of celiac disease. It is very popular for its wide range of specialty care; even patients with rare diseases are sure to find the right doctors in the region.

The best part is that medical care services in the region are cheaper than in the US or UK even though the quality is basically the same. The treatments are performed by skilled and experienced doctors using world-class facilities and cutting-edge equipment. They also offer advanced treatments that are not yet available in other countries.

Patients with celiac disease who are considering medical tourism have the option to travel to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. All three countries have Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation accredited hospitals that offer affordable healthcare that meets international standards.

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