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Why Have Pulmonary Wedge Resection in Southeast Asia?

Patients who are diagnosed with early stage non-small cell lung cancer or small pulmonary lesions are often advised to undergo pulmonary wedge resection for treatment. This procedure involves the surgical removal of cancer cells from the lungs and is recommended when the patient is unsuitable to undergo the removal of the entire lung. The most commonly used technique for this procedure is video-assisted thoracic surgery. It is minimally invasive and thus leads to fewer complications.

A pulmonary wedge resection is a major surgical procedure that entails hospitalisation and close monitoring. Therefore, it is important that you carefully consider all your options when deciding on where to get medical care.

Due to increasing demand from both local and foreign patients, top medical tourism destinations in Southeast Asia have developed several state-of-the-art cancer treatment centres that offer high-quality medical care that meets global standards. Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand have internationally accredited hospitals that are home to some of the most highly trained surgeons and oncologists not just in the region but also the whole world. They also feature the newest, most advanced technologies and modern facilities; the same ones you’ll find in modern hospitals in the West.

The cost of lung cancer treatments varies based on the severity and complexity of the disease. However, the cost of oncology care and surgery in Southeast Asia is significantly lower compared to that offered in western countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. This gives you access to cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic equipment as well as modern and innovative surgical techniques without the associated crippling cost.

Also, most hospitals in Southeast Asia offer comprehensive medical packages that can be customised according to your needs. To make the process hassle-free, they also offer medical tourism packages that often include accommodations and travel arrangements to lessen the stress associated with travelling to a foreign country for treatment.

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