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Why Indonesians Travel to SEA for Colon and Ileum Removal

The colon and ileum are the last parts of the large and small intestines. The ileum absorbs bile salts, vitamin B3, and other important nutrients not absorbed by the first parts of the small intestine. The colon, on the other hand, reabsorbs fluid and prepares waste for elimination from the body.

Just like any of our organs, both the colon and ileum can also be affected by diseases (such as cancer). They can also become inflamed or injured beyond repair. In severe cases, gastroenterologists recommend their removal.

Surgical procedures to the gastrointestinal tract, particularly those that involve the small and large intestines can be particularly challenging. Thus, it is crucial that such procedures are performed by a highly trained and experienced colorectal surgeon. You can find the best ones in your neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. A good number of them graduated from prestigious universities both locally and abroad. Some have completed advanced fellowship training in the West while others have international professional experience. This allows them to bring home the best surgical practices from the West, which can easily translate to improved treatment outcomes for patients like you.

Southeast Asian countries also have numerous premier hospitals accredited by International Standards Organisation (ISO) and Joint Commission International (JCI). This gives you an assurance that they have the needed surgical expertise, modern equipment, and world-class facilities to ensure that the procedure will be carried out according to international standards.

Travelling to Southeast Asia instead of going to Western countries allows you to take advantage of world-class treatment without spending a fortune. When compared to the US and Europe, the cost of colorectal surgical procedures is up to 75% cheaper in Southeast Asia. Also, Indonesians do not have to spend a fortune on associated costs, such as airfare and accommodation, as they’ll be closer to home.

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