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Why Indonesians Travel to SEA for Laminotomy

Laminotomy is a medical procedure carried out to decompress the spinal cord and its nerve roots. Injuries or degenerative spinal disorders can cause the thickening of the ligament in the spinal cord and its other parts. This results in added pressure on the spinal cord, which can lead to various neurological imbalances.

Although laminotomy is offered in many hospitals in Indonesia, many patients from this country still consider having the procedure done abroad. Most of these patients do so to have a better chance at a successful procedure and to minimise possible risks and complications as much as possible.

Choosing your medical destination for laminotomy could be very overwhelming because many countries worldwide offer the procedure to medical tourists. However, if you want to keep the cost to a minimum without sacrificing the quality of healthcare that you’re going to receive, you should seriously consider Southeast Asian countries particularly Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia where orthopaedic care is one of the major specialties.

These countries offer the following benefits:

  • Internationally-trained orthopaedic surgeons – You don’t have to go to the United States and other Western countries to take advantage of the services of highly qualified orthopaedic surgeons. Many surgeons in Southeast Asia have earned their degrees and completed their orthopaedic fellowships at prestigious medical facilities abroad including Europe and United States. As such, their skills are on par with their Western counterparts.

  • World-class hospitals – There are several premier hospitals in Southeast Asia with some accredited by Joint Commission International and International Standard Organisation (ISO). These accreditations mean that they offer global standards of care. The very best hospitals in the region with centres of excellence in orthopaedics can be found in Singapore.

  • Affordable services – Getting orthopaedic treatment abroad can be extremely expensive. In Western countries, the procedure can cost thousands of dollars. However, in Southeast Asia, the prices are up to 75% cheaper.

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