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Why Medical Tourists Choose SEA for Breast Lump Treatment

More and more patients with suspicious breast lumps are considering travelling abroad for medical diagnosis and treatment. This is to be expected, as the initial methods used in diagnosing and treating breast lumps, as well as their accuracy and efficacy, have a significant effect on patients’ long-term prognosis. As with all types of cancer, early detection and correct diagnosis play a role in improving patients’ survival rates.

While the quality of medical tourism in the West is unquestionable, many patients are looking at other options and most of them are finding what they’re looking for in Southeast Asia. This is due primarily to the fact that the same advanced and world-class diagnostic equipment and cancer therapies offered in the US and Europe are also now available in Southeast Asia at just a fraction of the cost. This explains Southeast Asia’s growing reputation as one of the most ideal medical tourism destinations especially for suspected cancer patients.

Southeast Asian countries, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia invest heavily in diagnostic technology needed to determine the true nature of all breast lumps. In these countries, patients can undergo advanced imaging technologies as well as minimally invasive diagnostic techniques, such as fine needle aspiration, to arrive at a diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the region also has some of the world's finest specialists on board who can perform the necessary procedures to deliver the most appropriate treatment, which could include surgery, breast cyst drainage, or hormone therapy, all of which can remove an existing breast lump and prevent new ones from forming.

If the breast lumps are diagnosed to be malignant, advanced cancer care technology and qualified cancer specialists are also readily available in the region. This gives patients peace of mind and a positive outlook given their condition.

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