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Why More Diabetic Oculopathy Patients Travel to SE Asia

Diabetic oculopathy is a common complication of diabetes in which the patient's eyesight is affected by their constant high blood sugar levels. The condition is recognised as one of the leading causes of blindness and is commonly seen in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus. Patients who suffer from diabetic oculopathy may need to undergo advanced laser treatment or ophthalmic surgery to regain their eyesight. Both procedures are available in Southeast Asia for a much affordable cost when compared to Western countries.

Southeast Asia has gained worldwide acclaim for its highly advanced medical procedures coupled with significant cost savings. While fully capable of delivering the same world-class treatments at the same quality of service, hospitals in the region charge up to 70% less than their western counterparts.

Aside from enormous cost savings, patients can also benefit from the region’s large roster of highly skilled and fully capable doctors and the availability of modern medical equipment. The region's key medical tourism hubs, namely Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia also exert conscious effort to make entry and visa approval procedures as hassle-free as possible for medical tourists.

Patients who seek comprehensive treatment for diabetic oculopathy in Southeast Asia can easily find the best medical team to work with by choosing any hospital in the region accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Many of these hospitals have dedicated, world-class diabetes services managed by highly experienced endocrinologists as well as ophthalmology departments staffed by highly qualified ophthalmic surgeons. These hospitals feature advanced technologies and modern facilities; same ones found in the United States and Europe.

Aside from Western standards of healthcare, medical tourists also get to enjoy Signature Asian hospitality and exceptional nursing care that will definitely help hasten the recovery process.

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