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Why SE Asia is the Best Destination for Fibroma Treatment

A fibroma is a benign growth made up of fibrous tissue. These growths come in many different types depending on where they form. These include angiofibromas (nose and cheeks), dermatofibromas, oral fibromas, and plantar fibromas (foot). Although generally harmless, they can cause pain and discomfort. Some fibromas may also cause various complications especially when they grow on sensitive parts of the body, such as the mouth.

Since fibromas can occur anywhere in the body, treatment can fall under various specialties, such as podiatrics for plantar fibromas, dermatology for skin fibromas, and dentistry for oral fibromas. All these treatments are available in Southeast Asia at a much lower cost compared to what is currently being charged in the US, UK, and other developed countries.

Medical tourists would be happy to know that dentistry and dermatology are two of the most popular specialties in Southeast Asia. In fact, dental tourism in the region is a field on its own, thanks to the impressive number of highly skilled, internationally trained dental specialists practicing in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Part of the reason that boosted the growth of dental tourism in Southeast Asia is that patients get to mix in some holiday activities while undergoing oral treatments. Also, due to the large number of dental specialist clinics in the region, patients don’t have to waste any time waiting in line to receive treatment.

Dermatology packages in Southeast Asia are also quite popular. Thailand, for one, has a large number of dermatology clinics serving both local and international patients. Many of these clinics offer both medical dermatology and cosmetic skin treatments. Part of their popularity lies in the availability of the most advanced dermatological procedures, including laser-based therapies. Most of these are minimally invasive, practically bloodless procedures. For skin fibromas, dermatologists in Thailand recommend laser or radio wave removal of the fibroid, which ensures fast healing of the skin leaving no signs of the procedure.

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