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Why Seek Arteriovenous Graft Thrombosis Treatment in SE Asia

An arteriovenous graft is a small tube inserted underneath the skin to connect one of the arteries to a vein. This graft is inserted to give physicians easy access to the patient’s bloodstream during a specialised procedure such as a dialysis. The graft is typically inserted into the forearm, upper arm, or thigh. However, there are instances in which a blood clot forms inside the grafted tube. This condition is termed thrombosis, which could cause blood flow obstruction. A large clot can cause hypoxia, in which part of the body becomes deprived of oxygen. If left untreated, this could lead to tissue death and even organ failure.

In Southeast Asia, there are numerous world-class and internationally accredited hospitals that offer comprehensive medical care to patients with kidney problems and who are undergoing dialysis. Medical facilities in the region use advanced and cutting-edge technologies to detect and address this condition as soon as possible. Highly trained renal specialists often use imaging techniques to locate and visualise the blood clot and identify the most suitable treatment option for the patient. These treatments include surgical thrombectomy and interventional thrombolysis. The former requires the expertise of a highly-skilled surgeon, in which the region has no shortage of. Most medical specialists in countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia have studied, trained, and achieved certifications abroad.

Furthermore, the region is also where new and breakthrough technologies are constantly being discovered and developed for thrombosis treatment and management. This is because of their huge investments in clinical trials and medical research not just for the improvement of their medical tourism industry but also to consistently deliver better patient outcomes. Patients travelling from other countries will find better access to these new innovations, something they may not enjoy from their home country.

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