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Why Seek Treatment for Biliary Dyskinesia in Southeast Asia

Biliary dyskinesia is a medical disorder that occurs when the amount of bile in the body is inadequate or does not move in the right direction. The problem begins at the gallbladder and biliary ducts and may cause symptoms similar to those of gallstones or cholecystitis. It occurs in two ways; first, the gallbladder may contract too often while the sphincters may become unable to open up completely. Known as a hyperkinetic biliary dyskinesia, this condition is associated with pain in the right hypochrondrium that lasts for around an hour. The second type is called hypokinetic, in which both the gallbladder and biliary ducts do not function normally and are unable to excrete the bile completely. This can cause dull, longer lasting pain.

For the treatment of less common diseases such as biliary dyskinesia, the best option for most patients is to travel to other countries for treatment. However, although this is available in Western countries, many patients find it challenging to seek the care that they need due to the high cost of healthcare in such countries. Fortunately, patients can now undergo treatment for biliary dyskinesia while saving 50 to 70% of what they would otherwise pay just by travelling to Southeast Asia, which is recognised for its impressive medical infrastructure. Its medical tourism industry is currently at its peak, with millions of tourists entering Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia each year to pursue medical treatment.

Aside from low cost, another major benefit of travelling to Southeast Asia for treatment is the highest standard of healthcare mainly because Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia continuously strive to maintain and even improve the quality of their healthcare systems. They do so by investing in modern medical technology and appraising their medical facilities on a regular basis. Their efforts have been paying off so far, as even the acclaimed Joint Commission International (JCI) has recognised the quality and merits of several hospitals in the region that meet world-class standards. Moreover, Southeast Asia is home to hundreds of highly qualified medical professionals, most of whom received training abroad.

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