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Why Southeast Asia is the Best Place for Lower Rhytidectomy

We all have to face the impact of ageing at one point or another. Starting as early as the fourth decade of life, the human body shows visible signs of wear and tear that is quite hard to conceal. This is the reason why lower rhytidectomy procedure or neck lift is a popular cosmetic surgery for those who wish to maintain their youthful appearance. This involves the removal of excess fat in the lower part of the face, particularly under the chin. It also removes unsightly loose skin and muscle banding in the neck. The surgeon makes incisions in the hairline and in front of the ears to minimise any visible scarring. The underlying muscles are then pulled and tightened, and any loose skin is excised. The goal is to help you achieve a tighter appearance by restoring the original contour of the jawline and the neck.

In Southeast Asia, facial rejuvenation surgery such as lower rhytidectomy is quite popular. Specialised medical facilities in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand have highly trained and internationally accredited plastic surgeons and professional medical staff that offer high-quality services that meet international standards. These institutions cater to both local and foreign clients and consistently strive to deliver excellent medical care at a much lower cost. When compared to Western countries, prices in Southeast Asia are up to 75% cheaper. The relatively low cost of aesthetic procedures is one of the reasons why even patients from western countries like the United States opt to have their facelift procedures in the region. With access to advanced technologies and with surgeons who are adept in breakthrough methods and techniques, hospitals and beauty clinics in these countries offer the best results with long-term benefits. Some hospitals and dedicated aesthetic surgery centres even offer medical packages that include accommodation and airfare to make your medical travel as hassle-free as possible.

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