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Why Travel to SE Asia for Adrenal Gland Neoplasm Treatment

Adrenal gland neoplasm refers to adrenal gland tumours that cause various symptoms including high blood pressure, low potassium level, anxiety and panic attacks, diabetes, and change in libido or sex drive. There are two types of this cancer, namely primary adrenal tumour and adrenal cortical cancer. Both are very uncommon with only about 300 annual cases recorded in the United States.

In Southeast Asia, the condition is primarily treated with surgery. As most adrenal gland tumours are very small, minimally invasive methods are used for their removal. Laparoscopy eliminates the need for an open surgery and minimises blood loss and post-surgical complications. Many endocrine surgeons in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore are trained in this type of procedure, which is offered to both local and international patients. Many of these surgeons, particularly those who practice at Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospitals, received training abroad. They also have access to the most advanced technology and world-class medical facilities that help increase the chances of a successful procedure.

Patients with adrenal tumours can expect holistic and comprehensive treatment in the region, as many of its hospitals are fully equipped with all the needed diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. These include computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans that help doctors identify the exact location of the tumour. These medical facilities also have world-class surgical theatres and intensive care units where post-surgery patients are closely monitored so any complications can be managed as soon as they arise. Patients are generally discharged after two to three days and are prescribed with the necessary medications to control their blood pressure or ensure that they are still able to produce an adequate amount of specific hormones.

Comprehensive treatment of adrenal gland tumour can be very expensive especially in Western countries. Patients who seek high-quality care without the associated exorbitant cost can travel to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand where medical and surgical services are up to 75% cheaper than in the West.

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