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Why Travel to SE Asia for Carcinoma of the Colon Treatment

Carcinoma of the colon is the growth of cancer cells in the colon that sometimes spread into the rectum and other parts of the digestive tract. Typically, these abnormal growths start as polyps in the inner lining of the colon. Over time, these polyps can transform into cancer cells and metastasise to different parts of the body.

Getting treatment for cancer is quite a challenge, wherever part of the world you may be. Apart from the physical and emotional pain brought about by the disease, cancer treatment can also drain your financial resources.

If you are diagnosed with carcinoma of the colon, you will expect to face these challenges in seeking medical treatment for your condition. Fortunately, you can now take advantage of the benefits of medical tourism that allows you to seek high quality but affordable treatment outside of your country.

Several world-renowned medical facilities in Southeast Asia have been offering excellent but affordable comprehensive oncology care to cancer patients from all over the world. Just like those in Western countries, these medical facilities feature dedicated, state-of-the-art cancer centres that are staffed by internationally certified oncologists who provide accurate diagnosis and design the most suitable treatment for patients.

Patients who are looking for enormous cost saving can travel to Thailand and Malaysia, where the quality of care meets international standards but the cost is up to 75% cheaper when compared to the United States and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, those who would rather get treatment in a first-world country may choose to travel to Singapore, which healthcare system is one of the best in the world. When compared to prices in Western countries, the costs of medical services in Singapore are up to 50% cheaper.

These Southeast Asian countries offer comprehensive treatment for colon cancer patients, which includes surgical intervention, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, and chemotherapy. With the use of cutting-edge medical technology and sophisticated tools, colon cancer patients can receive one or a combination of these treatment methods to increase their chances of cure and survival. They are also given the option of participating in a number of clinical trials using newly developed techniques for the treatment of colon cancer; something that is not widely available elsewhere in the world.

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