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Why Travel to SE Asia for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

A person suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome experiences numbness, a tingling sensation, and pain in the hand and fingers. These symptoms usually feel worse at night and mostly affect the thumb as well as the index and middle fingers. The condition occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed in the carpal tunnel. The median nerve is the nerve that controls the movement and feeling of the hands. The carpal tunnel, on the other hand, is a narrow passage in the wrist that contains tough bands of tissue that allows the fingers to bend. The median nerve may become compressed due to injury, pregnancy, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and repetitive strain on the hand.

People with carpal tunnel syndrome may feel chronic pain in the hands, which can greatly affect their day-to-day activities. Thus, many of them are willing to try various treatments, which are all widely available in Southeast Asia. The region is currently one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists and is renowned for its complete and high-quality treatments. Hospitals in the region offer the most advanced treatments that are not yet available in other countries in Asia such as Indonesia. Many of these hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO); a guarantee that their medical services meet the highest standards in healthcare.

Southeast Asia is home to many highly qualified doctors with many trained in developed countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, among others. This empowers them to provide the same quality of medical care that used to be only available in Western countries.

Healthcare services offered by Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand are around 75% cheaper when compared to the cost of going to Western countries. By saving money on their treatments, patients have enough to spend on travel and accommodation. They can even use some of their savings to join a sightseeing tour or visit the many tourist attractions in their country of choice so they can relax in between their treatments.

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