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Why Travel to SE Asia For Hypertrophic Scar Removal

A hypertrophic scar is a skin condition wherein excessive amounts of collagen form a raised scar. These scars are most commonly found on sites of pimples, cuts, burns, and body piercings and are considered as the body’s abnormal reaction to skin trauma. Although they are similar in appearance to keloids, they usually do not grow as big and can fade over time.

However, some people may be worried about the cosmetic appearance of these scars. Thus, several dermatological treatments were developed to get rid of minor skin imperfections such as hypertrophic scars, among several others.

Dermatology treatments are some of the most sought after treatments in Southeast Asia. In fact, during the early years when the region was just starting to become known in the field of medical tourism, its name became practically synonymous to cosmetic dermatology. In those times, cosmetic dermatology was not yet widely available, and advanced technologies in the field were very hard to access and were mostly exclusively available in the US and UK. Southeast Asia, however, succeeded in bringing world-class, high-quality dermatological treatments to its shores, and from then on revolutionised the entire field of cosmetic dermatology.

Among all ASEAN countries that are active in the medical tourism market, it is Thailand that has made the biggest leap so far in the field of dermatology. The country offers an impressive range of big and small dermatology clinics that are fully equipped with the latest dermatological technologies and equipment. These clinics offer the latest dermatological treatments including non-invasive scar removal that leaves patients’ skin smooth and flawless. While the cost of dermatological care in the region is cheaper than in the US or UK, the quality and results of the treatments are basically the same.

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