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Why Travel to SE Asia for Knee Joint Contracture Treatment

Contracture of the knee joint is a condition characterised by the tightening of the skin and other tissues resulting in the inability to fully straighten the knee. The condition can be caused by many different factors including trauma, inflammatory conditions, congenital deformities, and burns, among others.

Patients suffering from this condition are encouraged to seek medical help as soon as possible. The earlier they receive treatment, the better their chances of regaining their range of motion.

When seeking comprehensive treatment for contracture of the knee joint, patients from around the world have the option to travel to Southeast Asia where high quality medical and surgical services are very affordable. The region, which is now considered a medical tourism hub, is home to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia whose success in the field of medical tourism is attributed to their unparalleled commitment to exceptional patient care and outstanding service.

These countries continuously invest heavily in their medical infrastructure, bringing in the most advanced technologies from the West and securing accreditations from international organisations including Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO). They also invest in acquiring the most advanced knowledge through medical research and clinical trials and send their doctors to reputable medical institutions in the United States and United Kingdom for advanced training.

Recognising that medical travel can be overwhelming for many international patients, medical tourists in Southeast Asia are also offered end-to-end assistance all throughout their stay. These include airport pick-up and drop-off, setting appointments with doctors, booking accommodation, processing medical insurance, and providing translation services, among others. However, the biggest benefit is enormous cost saving. The cost of treatment for contracture of the knee joint, which may consist of medications, physical therapy, and surgery, is up to 75% cheaper in Southeast Asia than in Western countries.

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