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Why Travel to SE Asia for Localised Amyloidosis Treatment

Amyloidosis is a rare medical condition caused by the build-up of amyloid in tissues and organs. Amyloid is a type of an abnormal protein produced in the bone marrow. It can affect the digestive tract, heart, kidneys, spleen, liver, and the nervous system. In severe cases, it can cause life-threatening organ failure. Depending on which organ is affected, patients with this condition can suffer from different, bothersome symptoms including an enlarged tongue, numbness, diarrhoea with blood, and irregular heartbeat. Patients with such symptoms are encouraged to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Comprehensive and top quality medical care for localised amyloidosis is widely available in Southeast Asia. The region is home to many world-class, globally recognised, and fully-equipped hospitals that feature complete facilities for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the condition. In these hospitals, localised amyloidosis is diagnosed through a series of laboratory tests, biopsy, and imaging tests. A complete range of treatment options is also available, which include chemotherapy (to stop the growth of abnormal cells that produce amyloid) and stem cell transplant.

Aside from world-class medical facilities, Southeast Asia is also home to internationally-trained doctors and specialists who are knowledgeable on the most advanced treatments and management methods that are currently being used in the United States and developed European countries. This provides patients, both local and international, an improved prognosis.

Despite offering the same high standard of medical care, Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia have kept the cost of healthcare very affordable. Medical tourists in these countries are able to save up to 75% of their medical cost when compared to travelling to Western countries. On the other hand, patients from within the region, such as those from Indonesia, are able to access high-quality medical care and advanced treatment methods that are often not yet widely available in their country.

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