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Why Travel to SE Asia for Obstruction of Duodenum Treatment

The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine. It can become obstructed due to many possible reasons. In adults, it may become narrowed over time while in young patients, the condition is usually congenital in nature and occurs when the duodenal channel or the pylorus did not properly form during foetal development.

The obstruction of the duodenum is a serious problem that requires special intervention at the earliest possible time. Patients with such condition can have easy access to well-trained specialists without spending a fortune by simply travelling to Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is a leading medical tourism destination known worldwide for offering high-quality yet very affordable healthcare. Many of its hospitals are fully equipped to provide comprehensive treatment for duodenal obstruction, which starts from diagnosis through to surgical intervention using newer techniques that improve treatment outcomes and patient safety.

On top of the quality and cost savings offered by Southeast Asian hospitals, the region is also known for its excellent nursing care and unique Asian hospitality.

The region has also exerted conscious effort to make medical travel as hassle-free as possible for medical tourists. The Thai and Malaysian governments, for example, have set up various initiatives including putting up medical travel booths in airports and easing the visa application process for international patients. Patients are also given direct access to the best hospitals in these Southeast Asian countries, especially those that have been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) to ensure they have the best possible experience while receiving the medical care they need.

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