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Why Travel to SE Asia for Portal Hypertension Treatment

Portal hypertension is a medical condition characterised by the increase in blood pressure within the portal venous system. This system is made up of veins coming from the stomach, pancreas, spleen, and intestine that merge into a single portal vein, before branching out into several vessels that are connected to the liver. This condition occurs when blood cannot flow through the blood vessels leading to the liver, causing blood pressure to rise in the portal venous system. While it cannot be treated, doctors strive to manage its effects and prevent its potential complications with endoscopy, surgery, and radiology.

All medical technologies necessary in successfully managing portal hypertension are now widely available in Southeast Asia. In fact, they are part of the reasons that have made the region one of the most popular medical hubs in the world today. Now, the number of medical tourists who are choosing ASEAN countries over Western nations continue to increase, especially as the gap between their respective healthcare costs continue to widen. A medical tourist staying in a world-class hospital in Southeast Asia pays only half of what a patient in the US or UK shells out for the same quality of medical care. The cost savings bring a significant change for patients suffering from portal hypertension, as they sometimes require an extended hospital stay.

Despite the gap in their healthcare costs, there is no gap between the quality of medical care and service offered by Western and Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited ASEAN hospitals. Southeast Asia currently has more than 400 hospitals with JCI accreditation, which also accredits hospitals in the US and UK. JCI's Gold Seal of Approval is a major pull for hospitals in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, which are dubbed as the best medical destinations in Asia.

Malaysia, for one, is hailed as the most innovative and fastest-rising medical tourism hub, thanks to its revolutionary take on medical tourism. The country continues to push boundaries in several fields of medicine and is more aggressive in pursuing advancements in medical technology compared to Singapore.

Patients suffering from portal hypertension can visit Gleneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to gain access to highly advanced medical technology and other innovative treatments. With hospital staff stationed at airports to meet and greet arriving medical tourists, it is easy to find the hospital. It is also known for its in-house translators, excellent nursing care, and its large number of internationally trained medical professionals.

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