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Why Travel to SE Asia for Rotator Cuff Syndrome Treatment

A rotator cuff syndrome refers to common shoulder injuries that affect the rotator cuff. It can come in the form of rotator cuff impingement, tendonitis, or rotator cuff tears. The rotator cuff is a group of four small muscles that move the ball and socket joint in the shoulder allowing shoulder movement. Due to repetitive movement, the rotator cuff muscles and the tendons around them are very vulnerable to injury. The tendons can become impinged, inflamed, or torn.

Patients suffering from chronic shoulder pain should undergo an ultrasound scan for the diagnosis of their condition. Once diagnosed, they need to seek orthopaedic treatment to rehabilitate the rotator cuff and regain full motion of the shoulder. Such diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are widely available in Southeast Asia and can be taken advantage of by both local and international patients.

Many orthopaedic specialists practicing in Southeast Asia have the needed skill and expertise to provide immediate care and restorative treatments for those suffering from rotator cuff syndromes. Most of them were trained or have practiced in Western countries and are adept in the newest and most advanced treatment methods used in the treatment of rotator cuff syndrome. The region’s medical facilities do not stop from innovating and improving, especially in the advent of minimally invasive procedures to improve patient outcomes and experience.

Patients who choose to travel to the region can choose from its many Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals when seeking world-class quality care. The majority of these hospitals have dedicated orthopaedic centres that offer a complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures under one roof. When compared to the hospitals in the US and other developed countries, the cost of comprehensive orthopaedic care in Southeast Asia can be up to 75% cheaper.

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