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Why Travel to SEA for Disorders of Blood Vessel Treatment

Blood vessels are the smaller veins and arteries that deliver blood to other parts of the body. Arteries carry blood and oxygen from the heart while veins carry deoxygenated blood going back to the heart. But sometimes, these blood vessels become damaged or blocked causing a blood flow problem. When this happens, patients may feel some pain, swelling, and inflammation. One example of a blood vessel disorder is vasculitis, or inflammation of the blood vessels. Patients with a blood vessel disorder must consult with a vascular surgeon for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of their condition.

Patients who would rather get treated abroad to take advantage of advanced medical care have the option to go to Southeast Asia. The region is known not just as a medical tourism hub but also for its medical specialties that include vascular care. Many hospitals in the region are fully equipped to provide comprehensive medical screening, preventative care, sophisticated diagnostics, and a complete range of treatment options for patients suffering from disorders of blood vessels. And because these hospitals are also equipped with special surgical equipment and staffed by highly skilled vascular surgeons, they are able to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures; such procedures are widely preferred over traditional open surgery because they minimise pain, recovery time, and risk of scarring.

Southeast Asia also offers patients from all over the world a more affordable option of getting the medical care they need. Although patients in the region can take advantage of the same advanced treatment offered in the United States or United Kingdom, the medical cost in the region is up to 75% cheaper. This translates to enormous savings that patients can use to combine their treatment with a holiday in the tropical countries of Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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