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Why Travel to SEA for Thoracoscopy with Lobectomy

Lung cancer is one of the major health problems in Indonesia since smoking tobacco is a very common habit among Indonesian men. Every year, thousands of new cancer cases are recorded and more and more people die from the disease.

Due to the advancements in the field of cancer care, there are now several treatment methods for treating specific types of cancer. Thoracoscopy with lobectomy is one that is specifically used for early stage non-small cell lung cancer. It provides the greatest chance of long-term survival in patients who suffer from the condition.

Thoracoscopy with lobectomy is offered in many premier, technologically advanced hospitals in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. The procedure is performed using cutting-edge imaging equipment and modern surgical methods by a highly qualified and experienced medical team.

Many Southeast Asian hospitals specialise in the treatment of cancer. An example is the National Cancer Centre of Singapore, which is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and staffed by Western-trained oncologists who provide specialist care for cancer patients.

Travelling to Singapore for thoracoscopy with lobectomy gives you the greatest chance of beating the disease, as the city-state is renowned for its sophisticated cancer care and for having the most technologically advanced cancer facilities in Southeast Asia. Although the cost of cancer treatment in Singapore is slightly more expensive than in Indonesia, it can offer you the highest quality care available in the region that is on par with world standards of excellence.

However, Malaysia and Thailand aren’t far behind. In terms of technology, facilities, and healthcare infrastructures, they can also compete globally. They also have numerous JCI-accredited cancer treatment facilities, the most advanced equipment in the field of oncology, and a long list of cancer specialists who were educated and trained at some of the most respected medical institutions in the West including the United States and Europe.

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