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Why Travel to SEA for Tunnelled Central Venous Catheter

A tunnelled central venous catheter is a tube used to deliver blood, drugs, or IV fluids into the body over an extended period. The procedure offers several benefits to patients. For one, patients undergo fewer needle punctures, resulting in less discomfort. It also reduces the burning sensation patients experience with other IV methods. However, not all hospitals and doctors are able to insert a tunnelled catheter due to limitations in skill and equipment.

To ensure safe and precise insertion, the procedure involves the use of ultrasonographically guided vein puncture as well as fluoroscopy. The use of such imaging guidance systems helps reduce complications related to catheter insertion. Thus, patients who need the procedure should look for a fully equipped facility as well as a skilled doctor to perform it.

Nowadays, more and more people are looking outside their own borders for advanced medical treatment. For Southeast Asians, there is no need to travel too far, as countries in their region have become the leading medical destinations of today. Singapore, for one, is recognised as Asia’s pioneer in terms of medical tourism. The country's world-class medical facilities and exceptional medical infrastructures are some of its strongest attractions. Due to this, it has successfully earned an international reputation as a leading medical hub.

Singapore’s success has also inspired other Southeast Asian countries to follow suit. Thailand and Malaysia are fast emerging as newer and cheaper medical tourism destinations, especially for patients from their neighbouring countries in Asia.

Due to the shorter distance, Southeast Asians travelling for medical procedures can save as much as 70% of their money than when they go to Western countries. They will also save a lot of time, as the travel time and the visa application process are shorter. The travel is also easier and less stressful, which is a major benefit for chronically ill patients such as those in need of tunnelled central venous catheters.

Despite the lower cost of travelling to Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand for medical reasons, patients can still expect world-class treatment and service. Aside from investing in top-of-the-line medical equipment, medical facilities in these countries also invest in their doctors, many of whom train overseas and bring breakthrough medical technologies home with them. Thus, patients can now access the same cutting-edge medical treatments available in the US and the UK, such as minimally invasive tunnelled central venous catheter insertion, without having to travel too far or spend too much.

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