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Why Travel to Southeast Asia for Carcinoid Tumours Treatment

Carcinoid tumours are abnormal growths that originate from neuroendocrine cells. It is a type of cancer that develops slowly over time, typically in the digestive tract or in the lungs. It can also occur in the prostate, ovaries, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Most patients do not feel any symptoms during the early stages of this disease. However, in its advanced stage, patients may suffer from abdominal pain, flushing of the skin, diarrhoea, wheezing, and heart problems.

Patients with carcinoid tumours can take advantage of advanced but affordable cancer treatment in Southeast Asia. Several world-renowned hospitals and medical facilities in the region’s key countries – Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia – continuously invest heavily in advanced technologies to accurately diagnose this condition as early as possible. They are using cutting-edge equipment for laboratory testing, imaging, scanning, and biopsy procedures that are performed by highly qualified medical professionals. Most of these hospitals also have world-class cancer centres that are staffed by internationally qualified medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists who work together with the support of multidisciplinary teams of doctors to provide comprehensive and holistic treatment.

Treating carcinoid tumours involves removing cancer cells with surgery or through newer methods such as radiofrequency ablation and cryoablation. These treatment methods are offered in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia at a much lower cost when compared to Western countries such as the United States and United Kingdom.

Seeking cancer treatment in Southeast Asia does not only mean reduced medical expenses for the patient; it also translates to better quality of health care provided by internationally-trained oncologists in a world-class medical facility.

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