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Why Travel to Southeast Asia for Chondrosarcoma Treatment

Chondrosarcoma is a rare but aggressive type of cancer that affects the bones and joints. It is typically found in the pelvis and shoulders although there are cases where it develops in the arms, legs, and base of the skull. Chondrosarcoma is categorised under sarcomas or tumours of the bone and soft tissue and unlike other types of cancer, it is resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Chondrosarcoma patients are treated at specialist hospitals with dedicated, fully equipped sarcoma centres. Such medical facilities are staffed by multidisciplinary teams composed of musculoskeletal tumour specialists or orthopaedic oncologists as well as neurosurgeons and thoracic surgeons who handle cases that affect the skull, spine or chest cavity.

Many cancer patients from different parts of the globe travel to Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia to take advantage of quality, comprehensive, and affordable cancer care.

Singapore has many dedicated cancer centres including the National Cancer Centre Singapore, a Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited specialty hospital. It features advanced laboratories that carry out a complete range of investigative tests for the correct diagnosis of the condition. It is also fully equipped with latest technologies to provide advanced, multi-modal cancer treatments including oncological surgery and proton therapy. It is staffed by medical, radiation, and surgical oncologists as well as oncologic imaging specialists. Many of them have several years of experience in treating the condition and international training.

Thailand also has a number of JCI-accredited hospitals that provide specialist treatment for chondrosarcoma including Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, Bumrungrad Hospital, and Chaophya Hospital in Bangkok.

The hospitals mentioned above cater to both local and international patients and provide end-to-end cancer care across medical, radiation, and surgical oncology as well as end-to-end assistance - from airport pick up to send off after treatment – to help medical travel as comfortable and as hassle-free as possible for patients.

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