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Why Travel to Southeast Asia for Cor Pulmonale Treatment

Cor pulmonale is a medical problem that affects the respiratory system. It is caused by abnormal changes in the right ventricle of the heart. These changes are usually due to long-term high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs. When not treated in time, the condition can cause the right side of the heart to stop functioning. Thus, it is important for patients to seek medical care right away.

Patients looking for comprehensive, top quality but affordable cor pulmonale treatment can travel to Southeast Asia, a region home to many Western-trained and highly experienced cardiac and pulmonary specialists. These doctors focus on treating problems that affect the heart and lungs. Because of their international experience, they are proficient in delivering quality medical care that meets global standards. They also have in-depth knowledge on the most advanced treatment and years of experience in using modern medical technologies that can significantly improve treatment outcomes.

Due to its long list of Western-trained doctors, Southeast Asia is now a popular medical tourism destination. The region has helped improve global medical tourism along with developed countries such as the US and UK. Like the US and UK, the region also boasts several modern, world-class hospitals that feature the latest medical technologies giving patients the best and most effective treatment options.

However, going to Southeast Asia for medical care is so much cheaper than going to the US or UK. Although countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia offer the same quality of medical care offered in the West, they charge up to 75% less. Thus, medical tourists are able to afford the most promising treatments for cor pulmonale without spending a fortune.

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