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Why Travel to Southeast Asia for Cyst of Ovary Treatment

An ovarian cyst refers to an abnormal growth on the ovary, a part of the female reproductive system where the eggs are produced. Small ovarian cysts typically do not cause symptoms. However, some may cause bloating and pain in the lower abdomen and lower back as well as nausea, vomiting, and pain during sex or when having a bowel movement. They may also affect a woman’s fertility.

Treatment of an ovarian cyst depends on its size and location. Patients have to go through several advanced imaging tests like an MRI or CT scan to determine the exact size and location of the cyst. Most cysts need to be removed surgically. Now, however, doctors use a technique called laparoscopy, which is a good option for smaller cysts. The procedure removes ovarian cysts without making a big open incision. The surgeon simply makes a small incision near the patient’s navel that is just the right size to accommodate a thin tube and other small surgical tools to remove the cyst. This kind of surgery has become very popular as it reduces pain, recovery time, and risk of scarring.

Advanced imaging tests and laparoscopic procedures can either be very expensive or not widely available in many parts of the world. The good news is, these medical breakthroughs can be taken advantage of in Southeast Asia where their cost is up to 75% less when compared to the United States and United Kingdom.

Aside from advanced medical technology, Southeast Asia is also home to a large number of doctors and hospitals so patients don’t have to wait for a long time to receive treatment. The shorter waiting periods help improve patients’ treatment outcomes especially when their cysts are rapidly growing.

Finally, Southeast Asian hospitals are best known for certain specialties, including gynaecology and fertility treatments. One example is Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The hospital’s wide range of specialties makes it a one-stop shop for medical tourists. This means that patients who get treated for ovarian cysts can also consult a fertility specialist to help them get pregnant after their cysts are removed.

All these reasons and more make Southeast Asia the best destination for medical tourists suffering from a cyst of the ovary.

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