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Why Travel to Southeast Asia for Hepatoportoenterostomy

Hepatoportoenterostomy, or Kasai portoenterostomy, is a surgical procedure used to treat congenital or acquired biliary atresia, a serious liver disease in children where the bile ducts are absent, blocked, or narrowed.

Indonesians with children suffering from this life-threatening condition would understandably want nothing but the very best medical care for their kids. As such, many consider going abroad where major advancements in medical procedures and technologies have substantially improved the success rates of hepatoportoenterostomy.

Aside from Western countries, you also have the option of taking your child to neighbouring countries including Singapore, Thailand, or Malaysia where you can find some of the world’s best hospitals and most talented surgeons specialising in hepatoportoenterostomy.

Many hospitals in Southeast Asia that offer this procedure are accredited by highly respected international organisations such as Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standards Organisation (ISO). These accreditations provide you with a much-needed guarantee that these hospitals deliver world-class medical services by combining the best medical and surgical practices with years of experience and expertise as well as cutting-edge technologies and world-class medical facilities.

As for Southeast Asian surgeons, it is good to know that many of them have attained their degrees and obtained their specilisation at some of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions. Some have even completed advanced fellowships under the mentorship of internationally-renowned biliary atresia specialists. With such high level training and exposure, Southeast Asian surgeons are able to deliver the same high quality care offered by their Western counterparts. The only difference is that Southeast Asian surgeons charge as much as 75% cheaper when compared to surgeons in the West.

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