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Why Travel to Southeast Asia for Revision of Knee Joint

Revision knee joint surgery is a complex surgical procedure used to replace an existing knee implant. Knee implants sometimes need to be replaced due to device failure, which causes pain and swelling, or due to excessive wear or instability. The procedure is more complicated than the original knee replacement surgery. This is because the surgeon has to remove the original implant first. In many cases, the implant has already grown into the patient’s bone, so removing it causes bone loss. Thus, the revision surgery may sometimes require a bone graft to support the new prosthesis.

Aside from being complex, this is also a sensitive procedure. Its results will greatly affect the person’s mobility, such as his ability to walk or run. Due to these reasons, it is important that patients look for a skilled and experienced surgeon.

Patients who require the surgery and would rather have it done abroad can select from any of the state-of-the-art hospitals and orthopaedic facilities in Southeast Asia. Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia have a long list of world-class hospitals and medical facilities that boast highly skilled specialists and surgeons with extensive overseas training and experience under their belt. Many of them are highly dedicated to their field and commit to further training on the newest advancements in knee replacement.

Many orthopaedic surgeons in Southeast Asia offer innovative and advanced solutions to improve patient outcomes. These include the use of a less invasive tissue-sparing technique that extends the life span of knee prosthetics from 10 years to up to 25 years. They also provide patients with options, which include the use of the latest knee implant designs. One example is the rotating platform recommended for more active patients. This is a mobile bearing with cross-linked polyethylene insert that allows the knees to twist a few degrees with less friction. Some Southeast Asian surgeons also use a self-centreing alignment mechanism to relieve the tension in the implant. These newer designs improve the patient’s mobility and balance. The same innovations and technologies are offered in Western countries but you can take advantage of them in Southeast Asia for a fraction of the cost.

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