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Why Travel to Southeast Asia for the Treatment of Discitis

Discitis is an infection of the vertebral discs in the spine caused by a virus or bacteria. It causes pain and spinal inflammation. It most commonly affects children and people whose immune systems are weak. Patients who are affected with the condition often complain of posture changes, stiffness in their backs, abdominal pain, and fever.

Patients with discitis who do not have access to high quality and affordable orthopaedic care in their own country can travel to Southeast Asia for diagnosis and treatment. The region has many top hospitals that have all the latest equipment for diagnosing and treating various musculoskeletal conditions including advanced imaging tests and bone scans. Many hospitals in Southeast Asia are also accredited by the Joint Commission International, a recognition that helps them access medications that are not yet available in other countries. This is beneficial to discitis patients as it means having more treatment options for their condition.

Southeast Asia is also ideal for patients with severe discitis because it is home to many internationally trained orthopaedic surgeons. Many of these surgeons have trained and gained experience abroad allowing them to develop skills and precision when performing operations.

Aside from providing top-quality medical care, Southeast Asia has also become popular because of the lower cost of medical care in the region. Medical costs in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia are up to 75% lower compared to the US and UK. The lower costs allow patients to save thousands of dollars even when associated fees, such as airfare and accommodation, are considered.

Medical tourists also choose to go to Southeast Asia for treatment because they usually do not have to wait to receive the medical care they require. They are often attended to at their earliest convenient time as long as they book their appointments prior to their arrival.

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