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Why Trust Hospitalists in Southeast Asia

A hospitalist is a physician who works exclusively in a hospital and is dedicated to providing in-patient care. These doctors are trained in hospital medicine, a branch of internal medicine focused on caring for patients confined in the hospital. They are responsible for overseeing the round-the-clock management of such patients and have the necessary knowledge and expertise to care for seriously ill patients.

For patients seeking inpatient hospitalisation, the quality of service and care provided by Southeast Asia’s best hospitalists is enough reason to bring them all the way to the region. Some of the world’s most skilled and internationally trained hospitalists can now be found in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Due to its highly successful medical tourism industry, the region attracts a growing number of talented hospitalists who wish to have greater experience, better opportunities, and access to some of the world’s most advanced and competitive medical technology.

In Thailand alone, more than half of hospitalists have training and certification from abroad. Some of the country’s Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited hospitals also have multi-national and multilingual staff to make medical travellers feel comfortable and at ease while seeking treatment.

Singapore, on the other hand, has a long list of Chinese- and English-speaking hospitalists, drawing patients even from as far as the West. Malaysia, which is now dubbed as the fastest growing medical tourism destination in Asia, attracts internationally-trained hospitalists due to the government’s strong initiatives in improving and strengthening its medical tourism industry.

With their international training and background, hospitalists in Southeast Asia are experienced in catering to foreign patients from all parts of the globe. And with the region’s reputation for delivering affordable but high-quality health care, medical tourists can expect the best without spending a fortune.

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