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Why You Should Consult Neuroma Specialists in Southeast Asia

A neuroma is an abnormal growth or tumour that forms on the nerve tissue, such as the nerve fibres or their myelin sheath. Some neuromas cause pain because they tend to pinch the nerve, but most are mild and may not require treatment. However, they do tend to get worse over time, so patients with neuromas are often advised to visit a podiatrist for treatment. The earlier a neuroma is treated, the simpler the treatment methods will be.

Patients looking for safe, effective, and affordable treatment for their neuroma can head to Southeast Asia. The region has a large number of podiatrists and neurosurgeons who have international background and experience. These specialists can provide patients with individualised treatment depending on the severity and location of their neuromas. They also have access to modern medical infrastructure allowing them to offer a wide range of treatment options for their patients.

Some of the techniques podiatrists use to treat neuromas are orthotics and surgery. Orthotics refers to the use of custom shoe inserts that help control foot function to reduce the symptoms of neuromas. There is now a wealth of advanced orthotics designs that produce excellent results for patients. These custom-made devices help keep neuromas from getting worse while the patient is undergoing medical therapy (anti-inflammatory and cortisone medications). If treatment fails, however, patients may require neurosurgery, a specialised field of surgery that requires a higher level of skill and precision.

Surgery to remove the inflamed and enlarged nerve is now widely available in Southeast Asia, thanks to the large number of highly esteemed neurosurgeons who converge in the region’s top medical hubs, namely Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Since the procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis with a very short recovery time, medical tourists can still enjoy some sightseeing and visit some of Southeast Asia's tourist attractions while waiting for their flights back home.

But the best thing about seeking medical care for neuromas in Southeast Asia is that medical care in the region is far more affordable than in developed countries in the west. Orthotics and nerve surgery will cost medical tourists up to 70% less in Southeast Asia than in the US and UK. This, however, does not mean that treatments and medical services in the region are subpar in quality. Quite the contrary, in fact, as the lower price is part of the ASEAN countries’ collective effort to make high-quality medical care more easily accessible to patients from all walks of life.

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