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Why You Should Get LASIK Surgery Done in Singapore

LASIK eye surgery is now a common procedure. Unfortunately, some factors prohibit many from having it done in the west, like cost and waiting times. One of the solutions that are widely popular is to travel to Singapore where the cost of such procedure is much less and the waiting times are almost non-existent. However, what can you really expect by undergoing LASIK Eye Surgery in Singapore?

LASIK Technology: Most eye specialist clinics and hospitals in Singapore offer different technologies when it comes to LASIK surgeries. Knowing this information is important especially if cost is one of the factors that you’re considering. Most of the time, surgeons will base their prices on the type of technology to be used, although there are surgeons that charge the same price regardless of the technology. There are times wherein you will be given choices on the technology, which include Microkeratome – A device that uses oscillating blades, Intralase – the device uses lasers, Wavefront – the most advanced LASIK technology today. The device is not affected by pupil movement during the operation, and EPI-Lasik – No cuts are made to the cornea.

You’ll also need to be aware that the surgeon may recommend a particular technology based on the condition of your eyes. Some technologies will not be effective on some eye conditions. Whether you’re interested in travelling to Singapore to save money on a LASIK procedure, or for a variety of other factors, keep in mind that the country offers plenty of options when it comes to LASIK eye surgery. You can simply choose the best option for you.

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