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Why You Should Go to SEA for Neurostimulator Implantation

Neurostimulator implantation is the surgical process of inserting a device to deliver mild electrical signals near the spine. This procedure is done to treat chronic pain in the back by disrupting the path of pain signals travelling from the spinal cord to the brain. Though older individuals are more prone to this condition, there are also cases of chronic back pain among younger patients who have experienced injuries or trauma to this area of the body. The neurostimulator is composed of three basic parts: the microelectrodes or leads that are implanted into the epidural space, the electric pulse generator implanted in nearby body parts such as the abdominal region or the buttocks, and a remote control so you can adjust the stimulus. If a certain type of movement or position results to pain, you can adjust the electric pulses to achieve relief.

A number of world-class neurology centres and hospitals are in Southeast Asia, where highly trained and internationally accredited surgeons and neurologists are paired with cutting-edge technology and world-class facilities to provide the most optimal results for chronic back pain treatment. Most of these institutions are accredited by international healthcare bodies like the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the Trent Accreditation Scheme for providing quality health care comparable to and even surpassing those found in western countries. In Thailand alone, you can choose from more than ten JCI-accredited hospitals that offer comprehensive neurology services, including neurostimulator implantation. Singapore is offering the next generation of neurostimulator implant, a tiny device no bigger that a grain of rice that is wirelessly powered. If you wish to travel to Malaysia, there are several excellent medical institutions accredited internationally that provide comprehensive medical packages that do not cost as much as in other countries in the region.

Travelling to Southeast Asia for a neurostimulator implantation allows you to take advantage of medical services that meet international standards but not as costly when compared to Western countries where the cost of this procedure can easily set you back by thousands of dollars.

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