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Why You Should Head to Singapore for Tattoo Removal

The success of a tattoo removal procedure, be it performed through surgical excision, dermabrasion, or laser light, depends on the quality of the equipment used and the expertise as well as experience of the dermatologist who performs the procedure. Although there are several specialized clinics in Indonesia that offers tattoo removal, Singapore is a better option for those who want a guarantee of a successful treatment. The country has a well-deserved reputation as a high-tech city-state with the quality of medical facilities at par with developed countries such as the United States. Its government is deeply committed to investing heavily to advance its medical sector including personal health technologies, luring highly competent researchers and experts from around the globe. This means that if there’s a technology that can remove your tattoo safely and effectively, you are assured that specialized clinics in Singapore have it.

When it comes to the cost, tattoo removal procedures are more expensive in Singapore than in Indonesia. However, if you’re considering taking advantage of modern technologies available in first-world countries, traveling to Singapore helps you save thousands of dollars when compared to getting the procedure in the United States or other western countries. As the procedure requires up to 10 sessions particularly for huge, multi-coloured tattoos, you’ll also save on associated costs, as Singapore is just a few hours flight away from Indonesia.

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