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Why You Should Head to Southeast Asia for Angioplasty

An angioplasty is a complex cardiovascular procedure used to repair narrowed or blocked arteries in the heart. It is used as part of the treatment and management of atherosclerosis, a heart condition wherein plaque build-up causes blockage in the arteries, disrupting the normal flow of blood and oxygen. An angioplasty works by inserting a balloon into the affected arteries and inflating it to create a wider passageway. Like other cardiovascular procedures, however, an angioplasty is very costly, especially in western countries where the cost of health care in general is unbelievably high. If you find the cost of an angioplasty too heavy to bear, your best option is to travel to Southeast Asia.

Although trends in angioplasty and management of atherosclerosis are similar worldwide, in countries such as Singapore and Thailand, angioplasties are performed by highly trained surgeons using the most advanced technologies and latest, most efficient and effective techniques. Getting an angioplasty in Southeast Asia will help you save up to 75 percent than when you get it done at home, and such huge savings is more than enough to cover the cost of airfare and accommodation.

The cost saving is not the only reason why you should choose to have an angioplasty in Southeast Asia. Dubbed as the hub of medical care, Southeast Asia boasts of internationally trained surgeons and an equally impressive array of technologies that make procedures less invasive and more effective. This significantly cuts recovery periods, and with the new environment to keep them stress-free, patients are able to recuperate faster while on their medical holiday.

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