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Why You Should Head to Southeast Asia for Appendectomy

An appendectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the appendix, usually due to acute appendicitis, a condition where the appendix becomes irritated or blocked, causing inflammation. This occurs when stool enters the appendix or due to an infection, which can spread through the organ’s walls and cause it to rupture. A traditional appendectomy is an invasive procedure requiring a three-inch incision in the abdominal wall, but laparoscopic appendectomies are now available as a less invasive alternative. The laparoscopic technology allows surgeons to perform the procedure with just a small puncture wound, leading to shorter recovery downtime, less blood loss, and less pain. A laparoscopic appendectomy, however, can be very expensive, especially in western countries.

If you are in need of a traditional or laparoscopic appendectomy, traveling to Southeast Asia is a viable option especially if you are worried about the cost of surgery. The cost of appendectomies in Southeast Asian countries is up to 80 percent less than in the west. This makes traveling for appendectomy the more favorable choice, especially with its few added benefits on the side, such as a post-operative holiday, more experienced world-class doctors, and the latest advances in laparoscopic technology. Many countries where medical tourism is prevalent, such as Singapore and Thailand, also offer specific programs to ensure that the patient receives treatment promptly, with no time wasted on waiting.

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