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Why You Should Head to Southeast Asia for CAL (Fat Transfer)

Southeast Asia is more than a backpacker’s paradise—it’s also a haven for Westerners who are looking for ways to improve their face and bodies without breaking the bank and while enjoying the gorgeous beaches and plenty of sunny days.

Autologous fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, has become the answer for a less invasive approach to body contouring. Excess fats are drawn in localized areas such as the butt and abdomen, processed, and then injected into body parts that require more volume such as the hands, face, neck, and lips. This creates a more proportioned, leaner, and younger-looking body and skin.

But in the United States, fat grafting can be very expensive with an average price of $4,600.

Southeast Asia offers a perfect alternative. An excellent team of highly experienced doctors and specialists can perform the same procedure for at least a third of the U.S. cost. Moreover, hospitals, which are growing aplenty, can offer Westerners a great medical tourism package that already includes accommodation and tours.

Certified Southeast Asian doctors are some of the efficient and proficient, with most of them schooled in top medical schools in the country and abroad, including the United States. As a popular destination for cosmetic enhancements, they also have a wealth of experience and practice in their profession.

Truly, when in Southeast Asia such as Singapore or Thailand, a straightforward cosmetic surgery becomes a grand holiday that does not cost a fortune.

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