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Why You Should Head to Southeast Asia for Fistulectomy

Fistulectomy is a surgical procedure performed to excise fistulous tract that forms after the patient developed a perianal abscess. Despite being an outpatient procedure that lasts only 45 minutes, this can easily set you back by thousands of dollars if performed in the United States and other western countries. The cost can be higher if you don’t have a medical insurance.

Patients who seek affordable surgical procedures such as Fistulectomy can travel to Southeast Asian countries such as South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore. Considered as the mecca of medical tourism, Southeast Asia is home to a long list of board-certified surgeons, many of whom have completed their degree and advanced medical training in western countries such as United States and Europe. These surgeons, particularly those who are accredited by their own country’s medical tourism board, are practicing in high-level hospitals that are equipped with industry’s latest technologies. They are also using the most innovative, minimally-invasive techniques to ensure not just impressive outcome but also the patient’s safety and comfort.

Despite these benefits and the fact that patients are assured to receive the highest standards of medical care that is comparable to western countries, patients can expect enormous savings. Due to the significantly lower cost of living, surgeons in Southeast Asia are able to charge up to 75% less of what would the procedure cost in western countries.

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