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Why You Should Head to Southeast Asia for Herniotomy

People who are suffering from hernia typically require herniotomy, a surgical procedure that involves cutting a band of tissue to correct the condition. While this is considered a standard or routine procedure performed by hundreds of surgeons in the United States and other western countries, more and more patients seriously consider traveling to Southeast Asia mainly because of the cost. Patients who travel to this region do not need to spend thousands of dollars as surgeons in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea charge just 25-30% of the cost when compared to their western counterparts.

However, an affordable cost isn’t the only benefit that medical travelers can enjoy when choosing Southeast Asia as their medical travel destination. As Southeast Asian countries continuously invest heavily in their medical infrastructures and as more and more internationally-trained surgeons are practicing at world-class medical facilities, patients can expect minimal to zero waiting time, internationally accepted standards of medical care, personalized medical programme, and Southeast Asia’s signature hospitality. In addition, as globally accredited medical facilities in these countries feature industry’s leading technologies, satisfactory outcome and patient’s safety and comfort are guaranteed.

Affordable costs, internationally-trained surgeons, world-class medical facilities, and Southeast Asian signature hospitality are great reasons to consider the region as your travel destination when seeking quality procedures such as herniotomy.

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