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Why You Should Head to Southeast Asia for Ptosis Correction

Also called the lazy eye, ptosis refers to the drooping of the upper eyelids as some of the levator muscles become weak. In moderate to severe cases, the condition does not just make one looks old but can also impede proper vision. The only way to deal with the problem is through surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty.

Compared to other types of eye-related surgeries, treatment for ptosis are cheaper, but remember, not all types of operations will be covered by your health insurance. If the procedure is not offered in your home country at a price that you can afford, your best option is to travel to Southeast Asia where the cost is up to 75% cheaper.

Southeast Asia is experiencing a health care evolution as governments are spending millions of dollars for its improvement. Clinics and hospitals themselves see the need and opportunity for medical tourism, and are spending more money to improve their facilities, equipment and supply, and, most of all, surgical know-how.

The majority of medical facilities that offer cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures are managed by highly skilled, qualified, well-trained and experienced local and international eye doctors and specialists. This gives patients from all over the world an assurance that the quality of the procedure is the same to what is being offered in western countries including the United States.

Aside from a more progressive infrastructure and technology, ptosis treatment in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia costs 75% cheaper than in western countries, allowing patients to save thousands of dollars without sacrificing the quality of the procedure.

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