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Why You Should Head to Southeast Asia for Sex Change Surgery

For patients in western countries who intend to undergo extensive Sex Change Surgery but don’t want to spend a fortune, Southeast Asian countries, particularly Thailand and South Korea, are the most viable options. Both countries boast world-class surgeons, with the majority finishing their degree and specialized training in the United States, Europe, and Japan. These surgeons, many of whom are accredited by their respective country’s medical tourism boards, operate in globally-recognized hospitals that feature industry’s leading technologies and the most advanced, innovative techniques that are proven to be safer and produce dramatic results while minimizing pain during surgery and recovery time.

However, the biggest advantage of going on a medical tourism trip to Southeast Asia is the cost. Despite being able to have access to the same technology, equipment, and techniques used in western countries, the cost of Sex Change Surgery in Southeast Asia is 60-70% cheaper when compared to the United States, Japan, and Europe. Even when associated costs such as airfare and accommodation are considered, you’ll still be able to save not just hundreds but thousands of dollars. In addition, going to Southeast Asia means minimal to zero waiting time. Thailand and South Korea have some of the largest medical infrastructure and a long list of surgeons, allowing them to perform the procedure on a moment’s notice.

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