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Why You Should Undergo Arthroscopy in Singapore

Official figures have revealed that knee and hip arthroscopy is one of the most frequently performed orthopedic procedures in the west affecting 7% of the entire population. The surgery is primarily used for cartilage recontouring, removal of loose bodies, and debridement of meniscal tears. Patients who need the surgery and who require immediate medical attention without the hefty price tag have the option to fly to Singapore to get the operation in a timely manner.

Over the years, Singapore has introduced significant advances in anesthesia and surgical techniques in the field of orthopedics as well as enhancements in postoperative pain management, making it the best option for patients in the west who required arthroscopy. With this, quality care is a guaranteed.

Cost is another reason to cross the border and seek medical treatment. While the procedure cost an average of $7,000 in the west, this can be had in Singapore for up to 50% less. This already includes the fees for the anesthetist, knee surgeon, and hospitalization costs. Even with associated costs like accommodation, you will still save a significant amount of money.

Your comfort is also guaranteed when you travel to Singapore. Medical professionals will be able to accommodate you in a moment’s notice while the surgery can be scheduled right after diagnosis.

Traveling to Singapore for arthroscopy is a wise decision. It can save you up to 50% of the cost while you receive immediate medical care in a world-class medical facility and while working together with some of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world.

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