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World Class Cerebrovascular Accident Treatment in SE Asia

Cerebrovascular accident (CVA), which is also referred to as a stroke, refers to a medical condition that occurs when some of the brain cells die due to the lack of oxygen because of a blocked or ruptured artery. Patients suffering from CVA experience dizziness, difficulty walking, loss of coordination and balance, difficulty speaking and understanding others, blurred or darkened vision, and numbness or paralysis on one side of the body. Unless treated early, the condition can result in permanent brain damage and even death.

In Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, patients suffering from CVA are provided with immediate medical attention via their 24-hour emergency medical departments. These hospitals, particularly those that are accredited by the Joint Commission International, feature world-class emergency departments that boast advanced medical facilities, sophisticated equipment, and intensive care units. They are staffed by a team of medical professionals who received intensive training in all aspects of emergency care. They are trained to perform both common and advanced diagnostic procedures to accurately evaluate and stabilise patients.

CVA patients in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia undergo blood tests, angiogram, carotid ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), echocardiogram, and electrocardiogram right after they are taken to the emergency department. For treatment, CVA patients may be injected with medicine or undergo a surgical procedure to remove the blockage or repair the ruptured blood vessel.

All the procedures are performed by highly qualified medical professionals who are supported by a multidisciplinary team of doctors who pool together their skills, expertise, and experience to provide the best possible treatment. Many of these doctors graduated, trained, and even practiced in Western countries, bringing to the table their advanced knowledge on breakthrough methods and techniques that can improve patient outcomes.

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